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Who’s responsible for costs incurred at a rental property

Who pays for electricity and gas charges?

These are a tenant expense. However, if there are charges relating to the supply of these services to a property, then these are a landlord cost.

Who pays for water charges?

Water consumption charges are agreed between the landlord and tenant.
In WA most properties have water supplied by the Water Corporation of WA which charges a lower rate per kilolitre for the first 150kilolitres used in a yearly period, this increases for the following 350 kilolitres after which water used over and above is charged at a high rate.

In most cases where gardens and lawns are involved, the landlord would pay the first 150 kilolitres. This is allocated for usage on the garden. Water used above this at the higher rate would be charged at a tenant expense. Some landlord wish to charge the tenant all water costs. This is optional; however we do believe that an incentive should be given to the tenant to ensure the garden remains healthy. The water supply charge can also be paid by the tenant, if this is agreed upon in the tenancy agreement.

Who pays for council and sewage rates?

All council and sewage rates must be paid by the landlord as specified by legislation.

If you have any questions about who’s responsible for costs at a rental property or property management in Bunbury please contact Stacie.

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